Tom Silkwood

Over Easter weekend I received the shocking news that a great Kingdom worker, personal friend, and one of our international ministry partners had passed away suddenly. Tom Silkwood and his wife, Gayle, have been serving the Thai people since 1980. Their ministry, along with the Thai team, “Freedom Films Productions”, uses Christ-centered media as an evangelistic and disciple-making resource.

Tom had this “kid in a candy store” personality when it came to life, technology, and God. He will be greatly missed as he leaves behind his wife, Gayle, and kids Jeff, Kim, Kari, along with their spouses and grandkids. Please pray for them and the Thai team as they celebrate Tom’s life on Monday, April 4th, (visitation) and Tuesday, April 5th, (funeral service) in Thailand.

Just a few months ago Tom & Gayle were in the States, and we had the opportunity to film them talking about the media ministry work they are doing in Thailand. It was always such a blessing to spend any amount of time with him.

Tom describes why this is such an exciting time for missions in Thailand.

Tom explains their top three projects.

Tom explains how his son was instrumental in the early stages of a Solar Kit Workshop in Chiang Mai.

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