The Dreaded Horseman!

While in New York, I was able to spend some time with another talented photographer and friend, Rob Davidson. It’s always fun to talk “shop” with another photographer and learn how your choice of equipment and workflows are different. One of the shooting styles I don’t have much experience with is shooting film. Rob, on the other hand, shoots with a lot of film and different formats of film from 35mm to large format.

As we talked through equipment and what he likes to use for certain situations, I noticed this massive antique looking camera in the corner. What’s that? A Horseman! What a beast. Indeed it is.

The Horseman looks pretty intimating but it teaches you to slow down and concentrate on the each of the steps in making a photograph. And, the end results blew my mind. This was the first time I have shot on large format and then being able to develop the negative was a bonus. This definitely fueled the fire to shoot on film.

We both made two portraits of each other, one in B&W and one in Color.

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