Remembering the Good and the Bad

No matter what we do in life we have good memories and bad memories that help mold us into the person we are. In this photograph, I wanted to pay tribute to my friend, Lou Schierbeck, as a token of my thanks and appreciation of him for serving our country.

Lou entered the Navy in March of 1967 to avoid being drafted into the Army and fighting in Vietnam. Uncle Sam taught him how to be an electronics technician and he was stationed aboard the USS Inchon LPH-12, a helicopter carrier for four years. The ship was at sea two and a half of those four years. One of those years was in Vietnam de-mining the harbors of North Vietnam after the peace treaty.

Lou served in the electronics shop and was the communications group supervisor working with 12 other ET’s on the communications aspect of the ship either with the helicopters or the outside world. A collateral duty was news announcer for the ships closed-circuit television system. The Inchon was the first ship of its type to go around the world. They traveled from Norfolk, VA through the Panama Canal to Nam and returned via the Indian Ocean, Africa, and the Atlantic.

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