P52 Basic Video Production Series

Just a little heads up – My 11 year old son helped with the filming of these videos. He set the shot, monitored the audio and controlled the camera. So, I am asking for a little grace on the picture quality as there is some distortion going on around my face. Thanks! He felt really bad that they weren’t in perfect focus. But hey, it’s a learning process and hopefully it won’t happen again. At this moment I didn’t want to reshoot them, since he felt so bad. If you all think the content is good I will plan on reshooting them soon.

Brief Video Welcome – I hope through these short videos they will give you all the confidence you need to add quality video productions to your photography services.

Audio: Basic Kit – My basic kit contain a Rode VideoMic Pro shotgun mic and a Que Audio DA04 Lavalier mic along with a 6′ stereo 1/8″ extension cable.

Que Audio DA04BL Lavalier

Audio: Other Options – There are many other options when it comes to audio. Here is what I consider the best investment options that gives you maximum value on audio quality and control.

Audio-Technica AT897 Shotgun

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