Mmm… Brownies

Who loves Brownies? We all do at our house.

So, I thought I would try an experiment with one of the most popular Brownies ever made, the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. This one happens to be my grandma’s 1953 Hawk Flash. I never remember seeing it growing up but my mom can remember her parents using it when she was a little girl.


I have never really been a film photographer, but thought it would be fun to see what would happen during a family camping weekend with my mom & dad and the Brownie Hawkeye.

So, after 50 years in a box, I did some research and found I then took the camera completely apart (all 6 screws) and cleaned it. Then I ordered some film from the Film Photography Project and went camping.

Brownie Bath      Brownie Film

I think even if all the photos come out bad, it has created some neat memories as my mom talked about different things she remembered as a kid.

Now, it’s waiting time while the film is off to The Darkroom film developing company. I will be posting another blog with the prints.

Till then, nervously waiting…


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