I was recently asked by a good friend of mine, Prince Makaya of Liberty Vision Media, if I would be able to help film some footage for a music video he was producing in Kenya. I was excited to help and now excited to share in the official release.

Mataifa” by Mr. T featuring Rosy Ohon, is song whose lyrics are based on Revelations.

Mataifa yote yatakusanyika, (All nations will gather)
Mbele zake, Bwana Mwokozi. (Before him our Lord and Savior)

Wakimuabudu Bwana (Praising Him, Lord/Father)
Wakimuabudu Bwana, Haleluya Bwana. (Halleluia Lord/Father)


Behind the Scenes: Here I am filming one of the segments of “Mataifa.”

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