Making Brownies for the First Time

I was nervous but excited when the email chimed into my inbox from The Darkroom. “Your film has been developed, your prints are on their way, and your digital copies are now online.” What?! I hope at least one turned out!!

The first photo was taken by my mom. It was the first photo on the roll and the first time she had ever used the camera.
97150001 (PSD)
The second photo was taken by me. It was my first photo taken with the 1953 Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. Of, course I had to take a picture of mom & dad first!
97150003 (PSD)
This was a great exercise, experience, and most importantly – a great memory making moment. I can’t wait to take it out again, I already have a roll of color film waiting!
97150006 (PSD)

97150005 (PSD) 97150009 (PSD)
97150008 (PSD) 97150011 (PSD)

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