Heart for the Broken

Part of the power of an image is to direct the thoughts of the viewer. When I first thought of photographing Pastor Reed Dunn, I wanted to create a portrait that was not your typical “religious” photo. When I look at this black and white portrait of Reed in his cassock, the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to mind. Looking at this portrait, one might envision Reed in his cassock inside the church as a cold-hearted, judgmental person. This is a symbolic thought of how many people view of God, too.

But, the first time you meet Reed, you know that’s not true. It is actually rare to see Reed wearing his cassock and he is definitely not cold-hearted. To me, his long hair should be a hint (and the tattoo on his wrist) that he’s not your hell and brimstone preacher. Reed is a very humble and laid back person that cares about the brokenness of people. He wants to show them how Jesus sees them and cares about them, too.


Reed is the pastor at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Joplin, MO where the purpose is to Exalt Christ, Equip His Saints and Extend His Kingdom by connecting with people in Southwest Missouri.

Christ the King’s desire is that people would meet Jesus and their lives would be transformed and shown in their decisions, work, relationships, family, and their view of themselves and the world.

I know that Reed and his family would love for you to stop by sometime so they could get to know you. For more information about Christ the King visit



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