Coke Retro

It’s no secret that our family loves Coke. As we have traveled around the world, our family keepsake is a full bottle (glass) of Coke from the country we have visited. One of my favorite Coke ads that we have hanging in our kitchen is from the 60’s of a young couple facing each other at a Drive-in.


That sparked the idea of trying to do something like that with my friend’s 1965 Corvette convertible. For the models, we thought it would be fun to go younger than the ones in the original ad. So, I turned to my wife who is a middle school teacher, and she found some willing students. The hardest thing was finding a car hop tray that we could afford. We ended up buying a tray and fabricating the bracket to mount to the Vette with the help of a friend.

Many thanks to Korey Klein for a behind-the-scenes look. Check it out!

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